Sunday, September 13, 2009

Changes to aria...:)

ari ahad yang menandakan laie seminggu nak raya.....excited? hmmm ntah... selama nih pun rase macam biasa je... cume seronok pi kesana kemari jumpe membe yang dah lame tak kutuk mengutuk n gelak ketawa sekali... hehehe... well this post actually bout Aria(me satria neo)... beli lampu kecik die T10 LED type.. 1 pair kinda cair... 1 more ok.. cume yang the 1st one satu tuh still ader kat dalam lamp area susah nak keluarkan... got her serviced... trying Q8 oils pulak... see how better it is.... also gave her an engine flush... that me used lubegard... after this need to add X1R since did the engine flush.... quite good this X1R actually... tried it in wanda and did 470km full tank.... before that around 430km if me remember well.... for aria she is almost the same....:)

    the acc shop me bought the engine oil recommend me torco.. but it was kinda pricey for me... but from car forums me research... most of them really recommend this torco oil.... well wait for aria to get mod a bit more then we'll try it.... next in line for aria when bonus comes in is maybe change rim & tyre or maybe change tyres,pro rs brake line, brake rotor change & drop-in K&N filter. Then back to powerzone and change to lighter cam pulley... if enuf money maybe together with the ECU piggyback thing... well that is her 2nd & 3rd phase... well i was hoping it would go only 6 phases which the last would be her body kits and paint...

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