Friday, March 26, 2010

a monkey terrorizing people's biz

Today me mom called and told me bout' someone has put on her batik blog chat box saying that the batik she is selling is super expensive... well fine, a window shopper not please with the price... but here is the pissing off part.... this monkey went and promote a batik wholesaler website/blog/shop.... WTF!!!! a batik wholesaler... of course their should be cheap like dirt... kedai runcit pak ali dalam kampung pun sure laa lagi mahal dari mydin wholesale.... but for the batik Terengganu me mom's selling in her blog is carefully hand pick.... It took her like hours at the batik place just to pick the ones she's selling.... don't know why this monkey comes over to ppl's blog then  tries to terrorize it... oh me mom's batik blog is