Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Time me Won any gifts.

hi peeps.... this is another product review which i got for free from the company.... and yes its me first ever winning anything  like this... i joined as a member on this company website for free.... and somehow i saw it was advertising this 10 lucky members will get the earphone for free... and as usual me say "Macam aku boleh dapat saja".. so last 2 weeks they emailed me to update my particulars... than last week they send an email saying i won the earphone  and ask to confirm the address.... Tadaa... got it last wednesday i think.... tested it for fews days and this is my verdict..... some product info on it..
VibeBS NVE-300 Ear Phone

VibeBS NVE-300 Ear Phone

Vibes BS NVE-300 is an earing type sensational earphone. White only.

so whats the difference between this earphone and the others out there... It's using the latest/newest technology... doesn't need to be stuffed into the ear instead clip it on the earlobe.... haaaa... i know.... then how on earth can u hear the sound? Simply by using ur earlobe the soft bone as the medium.... so after testing i've put it on pros and cons... the pros: great sound produced, vibrates the earlobe when theres bass or on high volume, doesn't hurt the ear when using long minutes/hours, you still can hear your surroundings in case of any emergency. The cons: there's a battery to generate the vibes need to charge, need to clip properly to the earlobe for superb performance.
well thats all i can think of at the moment..... anything u can click at the link to check it out.... :)