Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Time me Won any gifts.

hi peeps.... this is another product review which i got for free from the company.... and yes its me first ever winning anything  like this... i joined as a member on this company website for free.... and somehow i saw it was advertising this 10 lucky members will get the earphone for free... and as usual me say "Macam aku boleh dapat saja".. so last 2 weeks they emailed me to update my particulars... than last week they send an email saying i won the earphone  and ask to confirm the address.... Tadaa... got it last wednesday i think.... tested it for fews days and this is my verdict..... some product info on it..
VibeBS NVE-300 Ear Phone

VibeBS NVE-300 Ear Phone

Vibes BS NVE-300 is an earing type sensational earphone. White only.

so whats the difference between this earphone and the others out there... It's using the latest/newest technology... doesn't need to be stuffed into the ear instead clip it on the earlobe.... haaaa... i know.... then how on earth can u hear the sound? Simply by using ur earlobe the soft bone as the medium.... so after testing i've put it on pros and cons... the pros: great sound produced, vibrates the earlobe when theres bass or on high volume, doesn't hurt the ear when using long minutes/hours, you still can hear your surroundings in case of any emergency. The cons: there's a battery to generate the vibes need to charge, need to clip properly to the earlobe for superb performance.
well thats all i can think of at the moment..... anything u can click at the link to check it out.... :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

a monkey terrorizing people's biz

Today me mom called and told me bout' someone has put on her batik blog chat box saying that the batik she is selling is super expensive... well fine, a window shopper not please with the price... but here is the pissing off part.... this monkey went and promote a batik wholesaler website/blog/shop.... WTF!!!! a batik wholesaler... of course their should be cheap like dirt... kedai runcit pak ali dalam kampung pun sure laa lagi mahal dari mydin wholesale.... but for the batik Terengganu me mom's selling in her blog is carefully hand pick.... It took her like hours at the batik place just to pick the ones she's selling.... don't know why this monkey comes over to ppl's blog then  tries to terrorize it... oh me mom's batik blog is

Saturday, January 2, 2010

nak anto aria pi service...

well its time for aria to be service again.... well this time will still go Q8 oils and kinda thinking of adding torco mpz... that woul be for that 2 around 200 bucks... plus oil filter and.... hmmm air filter no need to change forever... hahahaha cool... coz i changed it to Utr metal flow... washable... so all together with labour charge would be around rm250... hmmm... could have been a few more things i'd like to do since contract bonus is going to be paid in delay.... jan and feb pays... half2... me working place is starting to sucks big time.... and still funnilly sends memo saying we are paying bonus to our employee, we are committed bla bla bla... of course u have to pay... its in our contract.... AAaaarrgghhh... don't like mumbling bout work things... but tak bley tahan dah laaa... kene let go some steam laaa... :| anyway will get the engine oils from kaitenaz then go service at subang where i normally send aria to...